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Designed and directed by Josh Sutphin. Art and environments by Bradley 'Nutter' Jones and Erik Exeter. Additional contributions by ChookWoods, Mr. Lane, and Trauts.


About the Game

Note: Gem Feeder requires a valid, licensed copy of Unreal Tournament 2004 to play.

Gem Feeder is a gametype modification for Unreal Tournament 2004. Two teams compete for control of several gems (usually three). When all the gems are brought to your base, your team scores a point. It sounds like a cross between CTF and Bombing Run, but it's certainly not that simple.

Gem Feeder is a wild and chaotic game that requires focus and teamwork to win. It's great teamplay and includes full bot support. An in-game editor even allows you to convert any map over to Gem Feeder in a matter of minutes, perfect for trying out crazy new custom maps!


  • Full AI support
  • In-Game Map Conversion Utility
  • Realistic Gem Physics
  • Stunning A-Bomb Detonations
  • Over 40 Tested, Playable Maps Included!
  • 6 All-New Maps
  • 6 Custom-Converted Maps
  • Over 30 Converted Map Presets