Tear Down This Wall!

Tear Down This Wall! is a rapid prototyping project in Unity. Implementation began on 7 August 2009 at approximately 8:00 PM MDT, and the goal is to see how much of a game I end up with after 48 hours. I'm Tweeting the progress of this project at twitter.com/invicticide under the hashtag #teardownthiswall, and taking feedback and suggestions via Twitter as well.

This is my third work-in-progress publish, representing about six hours' total work, and going up at approximately 4:15 PM MDT on 8 August. In this version I added a few new game elements: blocks that are immune to gravity and disappear when you hit them; explosive blocks; and a first pass at animated level elements using physics constraints. I also implemented a control refinement whereby each time you launch a projectile, its launch vector is biased upward a little to help make targeting feel more accurate.

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