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In addition to indie game development, I also offer several freelance services, including game design consulting, Unity/C# programming, project development, and speaking engagements.

What I Can Offer

As a game designer I take a special interest in kinesthetics, AKA "game feel". I can help you identify and address control accuracy and responsiveness issues and make your game interactions crunchy and super-satisfying.

Unity/C# Development
I can write the tech that will take your Unity-based game from concept to completion on multiple platforms. I'll build to your specification or work with you to develop and steer your ideal game design through a sequence of prototypes, into full production, and through post-launch support.

Unity Tools Development
If you require special tools or custom workflows for your Unity-based project, and the Asset Store just isn't cutting it, I can build tools and custom editors to spec. I can also work with you to design the optimal UI and workflow and provide ongoing support and training as required.

Speaking Engagements
I'm always interested in sharing knowledge and inspiration with new audiences. If you have an audience and a topic you'd like to get my take on, let me know and we'll see what we can work out!

My Qualifications

I've been designing games professionally since 2004. Before starting Third Helix I was the lead game designer at Austin, Texas-based LightBox Interactive, creators of the award-winning PS3 shooter Starhawk, and before that I was a designer on its immediate predecessor, Incognito Entertainment’s well-received (and also award-winning) PS3 shooter Warhawk.

I've been working with Unity and C# since 2009 and have produced several games with it, including the Ludum Dare-winning RTS/tower-defense hybrid, Fail-Deadly. I've also published several well-received Unity tutorials at Gamasutra.com.

You can view my LinkedIn profile here.