Third Helix is now Kickbomb Entertainment! Please visit kickbomb.us for all future updates.


Hi, I'm Josh Sutphin, and Third Helix is my indie game studio and consultancy.

I’ve made it my mission to make a comfortable, secure living by creating indie games. And since games are unpredictable hit-or-miss products, I pair this work with independent consulting, offering my Unity expertise and industry experience to other indies and studios who need technical and/or design assistance.

Game Design Principles

Third Helix games are built with a carefully-chosen set of design principles in mind:

  • Kinesthetics: Responsive controls, satisfying interactions, and best-in-class game feel.
  • Evergreen gameplay: Rich game dynamics create games that feel more like long-term hobbies than disposable entertainment.
  • Imagination: Wonder and discovery. Embracing the unknown, the challenging, and the weird.
  • Interesting dilemmas: Tough choices that emphasize individual play styles and self-expression.
  • Niche appeal: I'd rather build a small, dedicated niche community than try to please everyone all the time.
  • Multi-platform: Games that can be played when you want, where you want.

Personal Background

Before going indie I was the lead designer at LightBox Interactive, creators of the 2012 PS3 shooter Starhawk, and before that I was a designer on Incognito Entertainment's award-winning PS3 shooter Warhawk. I also created the Ludum Dare-winning RTS/tower-defense hybrid Fail-Deadly.