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17 Dec 2013

So, Ludum Dare 28 was this weekend. The theme: "You Only Get One". This is my entry:


One robber. One house. One minute. Play One-Minute Robber now! (Hit the jump for a brief postmortem.)

One-Minute Robber is the first game I've submitted to the Ludum Dare jam, instead of the compo. There are a few differences between the two, and a few reasons I ended up in the jam this time around:

  • The jam lasts 72 hours, whereas the compo lasts just 48. Due to events unrelated to game development, I needed the extra time to finish the game.
  • The jam has more relaxed rules about what kinds of content can be used. One-Minute Robber uses the excellent 2D Toolkit from the Unity Asset Store; since that's a paid asset, it would've disqualified me from the compo (which requires that any libraries, etc. used be freely and publicly available).
  • The jam doesn't require posting source. Since I used 2D Toolkit, posting source would've meant either a) including the 2D Toolkit source, which seems like a no-no since it's a paid asset, or b) omitting it, and thereby releasing source which couldn't be used by anybody unless they bought 2D Toolkit first.

Submitting to the jam instead of the compo means I won't get cool rankings and I won't get to try for a repeat performance of my Ludum Dare 18 win, which takes some of the fun out of it. But on the other hand, I had a blast making this game, which was really the point all along. :)

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