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26 Jul 2013

Dungeonmans is an adventure roguelike. There are dungeons, yes, and the classic we-move system traditional roguelikes are known for. But there’s also a persistent overworld, towns, and a clever twist: the Dungeonmans Academy, which serves as a home base you can grow and improve over time, even as heroes rise and fall.

This is a really neat approach to the most common complaint about roguelikes from new players: the punishing nature of permadeath. Dungeonmans does feature permadeath, but while your dead hero is lost forever, your progress in building up the Academy is preserved. You’ll discover artifacts throughout the world, and when you bring them back to the Academy they provide persistent bonuses that future heroes can take advantage of!

And this isn’t just a roguelike-wannabe with a gimmick. Dungeonmans creator Jim Shepard very clearly knows his way around the long and storied history of the genre, and he’s creating a roguelike to stand among the greats. Here are just a few of his dev updates, demonstrating his deep attention to detail and his pursuit of evergreen gameplay:

The Dungeonmans Kickstarter campaign is currently about 2/3 of the way to its $35,000 goal, and the campaign ends August 2. Jump over there and pledge your support for a stand-out roguelike with a clever twist and a great sense of humor!

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