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12 Apr 2013

C-Wars is like some crazy blend of tower defense, tactics RPG, and real-time strategy. It had a strong day one showing on Kickstarter, bringing in about a third of its goal in 24 hours. You can get the game for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android for just $10.

Oh and, its animations are fucking gorgeous:


No, seriously, I don't even:


There's a very early demo available at Onipunks' website: one hero, a fixed weapon set, a single mission, no audio. But it's enough to get a feel for the gameplay, which involves capturing tiles, deploying troops and weapons, and beating the living tar out of enemies:


Seriously, you guys omg:


I know I'm drooling all over the sprite work here, but the game design is pretty clever too. From what I played in the demo, the core loop is like this:

  • Drag friendly units to any adjacent red tile to move to, and capture, that tile.
  • Captured tiles are blue. You can summon new units (at some resource cost) by dragging them from the top bar to any blue tile.
  • Enemies advance from right to left; block their advance with a unit, and both your and the enemy's unit will fight.
  • You've got special abilities for your hero units that you can trigger at any time, at some energy cost (like spells/techs in an RPG).
  • You've also got consumable combat and healing items you can use at any time.
  • All of this happens in real time! The pace is quick, but manageable. I foresee complex battles being a lot of fun.

C-Wars seems to be designed primarily for touch devices, but it works great on desktop too. I tested it on my Mac, and it had sensible hotkeys for things you'd otherwise have had to touch/click to activate (like abilities and items).

Fair warning: their Kickstarter video is a little... odd. But it's also kind of adorable. ;)

**BOTTOM LINE: I'm Josh Sutphin and I fully fucking endorse this product!

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