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12 Feb 2013

Indie developers Roxlou Games are in the final hours their Kickstarter for Unwritten: That Which Happened, a turn-based strategy game about a nomadic tribe's epic journey across the tundra and the oral traditions they'll spin along the way. They have 12 hours and a little under $10,000 to go.

If you've ever complained that games are getting dumbed-down, too cinematic, or too console-ish...

If you've ever lamented a famine of smart games for smart people...

If you've ever wished for games that reach for broader cultural horizons...

...then you owe it to yourself to check out Unwritten. It's got turn-based strategy, a randomized world full of unpredictable events, oral traditions you can wield as items, Balinese shadow puppets, permanent decisions with delayed consequences, and even mod support!

Check it out, back it if you like it, and most importantly share it. This Kickstarter's gonna be a nail-biter, but I'm optimistic it can succeed with one final, determined push.

12 hours. Less than $10,000. You can do it, Internet. I believe in you!

(Note: I'm not affiliated with Roxlou Games. I just happen to know their founder, and I think they've got a fresh, creative concept and they deserve to succeed.)

**UPDATE: Unwritten beat its funding goal just after 5:20 PM CST, with six hours still to go!

** Congratulations to Roxlou Games on hitting their goal... and don't forget, you've still got six hours to contribute toward stretch goals!

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