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27 May 2012

Martin Jonasson and Petri Purho put together this presentation on "juicing" your game -- making it feel responsive and alive -- and it is a must-watch if you're involved with game development in any capacity.

This stuff is typically considered "polish", and sadly it's just as typically either ignored, done poorly, or falls off the schedule. But as the presentation so beautifully demonstrates, properly juicing your game can actually make dull gameplay interesting.

For a perfect contemporary example of that phenomenon, look no further than Diablo 3: it's undeniably satisfying to play, but if you strip away all the juice -- the crunchy sound effects and flashy UI animations and gratifying loot explosions and devastating combat effects -- you're left with a pretty shallow, one-note game: click on things until they die, collect and sell loot, repeat. But because it's juicy as hell, that shallowness barely even registers. ;)

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