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03 Feb 2012

Edge Magazine's Chris Donlan profiled Fail-Deadly today, with kind words:

Fail-Deadly's an unusual spin on tactical games, but it can also seem like much more than that. To me, for example, it's a reminder that this really is the best era to be interested in games, because, whatever's happening in mainstream, big-budget gaming, a small team – even a one-man team sometimes – can come up with a weird, exciting, distinctly non-commercial idea, and is then able to build it, release it, and let everyone else play it.

I love this point, not so much for what it says about Fail-Deadly, but for what it says more broadly about indie games and the democratization of game development. That one guy in his spare time (or one girl in hers) can not only build a game -- thanks to tools like Unity -- but distribute it worldwide via everything from a personal website, to a portal like Newgrounds or Kongregate, to any number of app stores, and now even to dedicated platforms like Xbox 360, iOS, and Android, with minimal business experience and little to no financial investment, really is a little miracle. :)

(Thanks to colleague Andrew Weldon for spotting this this morning, because I was an awful, awful person who was not following @edgeonline, a grave mistake which I have since corrected.)

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