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03 Mar 2011

Photos! I took some. (Apologies for quality, these are all off my iPhone camera.)

Here's a great slide from Derek Yu's talk about Spelunky XBLA, detailing the game development cycle:

"Get drunk." Yes... and this ad near the convention center has the correct advice for that!

Here's how Andy Schatz's outlook on things changed from the beginning of Monaco, to the point where he was about ready to submit to the IGF:

And here's a slide from his presentation illustrating how the pursuit of recognition leads to more opportunities for success, even if success itself isn't realized, while the simple pursuit of "lots of cash" results in either success, or death with no second chances:

The title screen of Monaco!

Our intrepid audience volunteers select their roles:

And here's some Monaco gameplay. Although this camera doesn't really do it justice, it feels wrong to post shell shots and then just skip the important part:

And here's the GDCA awards stage just prior to the show. GDC really puts on a great production for the IGF and GDCA:

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