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28 Feb 2011

Well... I'm back in San Francisco for my second GDC, which commences tomorrow. I'm attending on an All-Access Pass this year, meaning I'll get to hit all the tutorials and summits I missed last year, and spend five days immersed in game industry awesomeness instead of just three. In particular, I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time at the AI Summit and the Indie Games Summit, as well as a whole day of sessions hosted by Unity.

I'll be doing detailed write-ups again this year; it remains to be seen which of my innocuous comments/rants will randomly attract press attention like my little side-rant from last year's awards show. In case you missed it: I ranted a little about Zynga's VP denigrating the IGF during his acceptance speech for FarmVille's "Social Game of the Year" win. I'm still getting interview requests about that, a full year later!

I was far from the only one critical of social games at last year's GDC: the whole sector was met with pretty widespread disdain. Well this year GDC has organized a panel called "Social Game Developers Rant Back", and you can absolutely bet on my attendance. I'll be very interested to hear what they have to say!

By the way: did you know Zynga has billboards now? What even the fuck.

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