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23 Aug 2010

I've just completed my entry for Ludum Dare 18, the theme for which is "Enemies As Weapons". My entry is a simple RTS in which you play both sides against each other. It's called Fail-Deadly.

I tried out some pixel art and chiptune stuff in this one, which probably owes mostly to the fact that I've been listening to Anamanaguchi like a goddamn addict for the past week, after enjoying his (brilliant) soundtrack on the (equally brilliant) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game and thereby generally immersing myself in retro goodness.

Fun fact: this my first-ever indie game with blood. :P

So Ludum Dare: the judging hasn't started yet, but Fail-Deadly lives here so once that gets underway that's where the action will be. There's comments and stuff there, too. Fail-Deadly also has its own fancy page here on Third Helix, because... yeah.

Let me know what y'all think.

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