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11 Jul 2010

I've just uploaded version 1.1 of TRI with a bunch of fixes and improvements. I think I'm ready to call this the definitive version.

Play Online Download for Windows (26.4 MB) Download for Mac (30.6 MB)


  • Advance to next level immediately without going through stage select
  • Made several of the more difficult levels a bit easier
  • Added a visual representation of the shot reload timer
  • Added a climatic boss battle at the end of the game
  • Extended and improved the soundtrack
  • Added a ducking effect to the music when you are killed
  • Improved collision handling during the player scale-down effect at level start
  • Addressed occasional bullet collision failures
  • Clamped award popups to the screen bounds
  • Improved placement of some award popups
  • Renamed and tuned some awards
  • Improved some level subtitles
  • Tweaked shell flow

With the latest game flow adjustments, updated soundtrack, and new boss battle, I think the game has improved a lot. Even if you already played version 1.0, you might want to give this one a tri. ;)

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