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11 Jun 2010

Kieron Gillen at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, writing on Amiga classic Sensible Soccer:

Sensible Soccer is better animated than a modern football game, by using the impressively sturdy anti-aliasing of the human mind to fill in the gaps. When watching FIFA, there’s always going to be tiny problems which drag you out of the world where animation doesn’t quite match up. As you approach perfection, the errors scream. In Sensible, the reverse happened, with people claiming to have seen animation where there was none. It all happened so quickly, over-head kicks were pasted in our inner minds. Which reminds us that videogames are just the world’s most elaborate magic trick, and whatever works, works.

Sometimes, in my more curmudgeonly moments, I wonder where the magic in video games has gone. Perhaps Kieron has hit upon it: our industry has moved so far toward realism and high-fidelity that we're leaving no room for the player's imagination.

In other news... now I really want to track down a copy of Sensible Soccer. ;)

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