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06 Feb 2010

From an interview with Cliff Harris on IndieGames.com:

Tell us about a game that inspired you to MAKE games.

CH: Elite. Or Sim City. They are both so staggeringly awesome given how small the code was, that it just boggles my mind. I always feel that the ghost of the still-alive David Braben is sitting on my shoulder saying "You have 2 gig of RAM, is that the best you can do?"

God damn that is so true. Braben and Bell squeezed the entire galaxy of Elite into just 14kb. Today we're absolutely swimming in cheap RAM, and yet nearly every game out there spends it almost exclusively on high-fidelity visual and audio content. Today's video game galaxy looks and sounds a hell of a lot cooler, but interactively-speaking it's painfully anemic by comparison.

To be honest, the prospect of a heavily procedurally-generated game, given gobs of memory to work with, is really damn exciting. :D

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