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24 Oct 2009

Oh hey. I found a blog.

As some of you are aware, I recently completed a move from Salt Lake City, UT to Austin, TX along with my team at LightBox Interactive. That move, along with certain (NDA-protected) requirements of our current project, have taken up a great deal of my attention and energy. But I'm finally getting settled here in this most impressive city of Austin, and working my way back toward a regular schedule that includes, once again, some time for Third Helix.

A lot of people do the "I'm not dead" post as if it will single-handedly revive their ailing blog... and the internet collectively rolls its eyes and unsubscribes. Not so, today, for I bring gifts! :D

About three months ago, just before the Austin move, I undertook a 48-hour rapid prototyping project in Unity, producing a game called Tear Down This Wall. Via Twitter, I spammed the internets with ongoing project updates, kind of like a live development journal, and incorporated the feedback from the #teardownthiswall conversation back into the prototype. It was a fun experiment in game design that ultimately yielded a game I'm pretty proud of.

Well today, finally, I've properly published Tear Down This Wall, and you can go play it right now. Not only that, but I've also written up a development retrospective and posted each successive build from the beginning of the project to the end, so you can see, and experience, exactly how the game progressed from build to build. That's all featured on the new Tear Down This Wall page.

Now go! Your cannon awaits! ;)

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