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31 Aug 2009

Little bit of a slow blogging spell, there. I've been wrapped up in moving (with LightBox) down to Texas. That'll be why there haven't been any Monday Musings for a few weeks, and so on. But now that I've landed and got internet access again, things should quickly start getting back to normal.

Anyway... did you hear Tim Langdell resigned from the IGDA board? It's always nice waking up to good news. He says he did it to prevent his detractors from dragging IGDA through the mud. Whether that's valid or not, the end result is that, finally, IGDA may stop getting dragged through the mud. (Of course, we also lost Bob Bates, and that's a bit less good for us. Good luck in your future endeavours, Bob!)

And can someone explain to me why the hell IGDA is making announcements through its RSS feed via PDF? It's just... weird.

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