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03 Jun 2009

Today, GamePolitics reports that the Xbox 360 game "Rendition: Guantanamo" has been cancelled over the extreme reaction from the political right over its subject matter:

The sudden announcement was made earlier today by Scottish firm T-Enterprise and comes following a day of backlash in the wake of media reports about the alleged terrorist background of Moazzam Begg (left), a key consultant to the project.

Whether or not "Rendition: Guantanamo" was in good taste is beside the point. That the political right gets so up in arms over the mere invocation of Guantanamo, in any context not directly associated with "killin' terr'rists", is not only myopic and censorial, it's also harmful to our national debate and, in this case, insulting to the games industry by implicitly suggesting we're incapable of addressing hot-button issues in any legitimate way.

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