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19 Apr 2009

*This post contains spoilers. *But come on... have you seriously not already finished BioShock?

BioShock was a very good game in many respects, but I was a little surprised to see all the critical acclaim it got for its narrative, considering that it effectively gutted itself halfway through. The plot twist in Andrew Ryan's office, when you discover that you've been manipulated all this time by the "Would You Kindly" control phrase, was pure genius, one of the best video game moments I've ever experienced. Using the plot as a metaphor for the whole activity of video games has been discussed ad infinitum since, so I won't go into it again, except to note that immediately after the plot twist, you're put right back on the rails.

The whole point of exposing your unquestioning obedience seems to have been to break you free of it, and yet the game never actually gave you that choice.

Well, Tom Francis has a better idea. He's penned an alternate ending for BioShock, picking up right at that fateful plot twist and basically fixing everything that's wrong with the latter half of the game. It is a thing of beauty, especially the absolutely poetic justice it delivers in the end. Give it a read, and imagine what might've been.

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