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03 Feb 2009

Three weeks ago I posted about the Utah Eagle Forum's annual convention featuring Jack Thompson as keynote speaker, and associated rumblings that Thompson would be working with Utah state legislators to craft yet another attempt at anti-game legislation.

It appears there was truth to the rumors, as GamePolitics and the Salt Lake Tribune are reporting today. Rep. Mike Morley is reportedly sponsoring the legislation.

Utah has tried and failed twice to pass such legislation, in November 2006 (HB 257) and again in January 2007 (HB 50). I suspect Rep. Morley is simply ignorant of the history of this issue, and since he's apparently receiving his information from the likes of Jack Thompson and Gayle Ruzicka, he's not likely to learn the truth any time soon.

I urge my Utah-based readers to contact Rep. Morley and let him know that you do not support spending legislative effort -- much less taxpayers' dollars -- on yet another unconstitutional anti-game bill.

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