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23 Jan 2009


Some dude at BYU did a study on video games. His "findings" include:

  • The more the students play video games, the worse their relationships are with friends and parents
  • Those who play video games daily smoke pot twice as much as other players and three times more than those who never play
  • Young women who play often have lower self-esteem

Which is funny, because if you reverse those conclusions...

  • The worse students' relationships are with friends and parents, the more the students play video games
  • The more frequently people smoke pot, the more likely they are to play video games
  • Young women with lower self-esteem are more likely to play than those with higher self-esteem

...you come up with exactly the same correlations, but completely opposite causes.

This is not science. But sadly, it's probably going to get a completely absurd amount of play in the media -- as a legitimate study -- despite that fact.

Memo to BYU: Correlation != causation.

Original story via the Deseret News. More info at GamePolitics and Kotaku.

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